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Quality Guidelines
The quality of print from your digital camera or other digital file will depend largely upon the size of the image. Getting the right image size/quality setting on your camera is crucial to getting the most from your purchase. Image size directly relates to the number of pixels you capture with each shot. Image quality relates to how much compression is used on the resulting image file. Learn about quality settings and how many images you can fit on your memory card.
Using image manipulation software to increase the size of the file, will not increase its ability to print at a larger size. The critical factor is how many pixels were captured originally.
                                     PRINT SIZE
Image Size 6x4" 5x7" 6x8" 8x12" 10x15"
0.3 50k 640 x 460   Low
0.5 100k 600 x 600          
0.8 150k 1024 x 768          
1.2 200k 1260 x 960   Good
1.9 350k 1600 x 1200          
3.1 700k 2048 x 1536          
4.3 1.1MB 2400 x 1600   TOP
6.0 2MB 2832 x 2128          

If you have a 640 x 460 image that you want printed, you can still get a good quality image by printing at 5x3.5". Quality of the photo will also depend on the quality of the camera and how much light is in the shot as digital cameras are notriously bad in low light. If it looks good on your computer and at least fills your computer screen, then we should be able to give you a good print.
Minimum Resolutions
Warnings are provided in our system for images below the recommended minimum for your selected print size. If you choose to overide this warning we can no longer guarantee the quality of your print. The optimum print resolution is 200dpi as shown for each print size below. Although the Frontier can print at 300 dpi, the visible difference between 200dpi and 300dpi for most prints is not great.
Sizes and Optimum Resolutions
Print Size Size
Minimum Pixels
on shortest side
4x5.33" 10x13.5 440 1024x768
6x4" 15x10 560 1200x800
5x7" 18x13 650 1500x1000
5x7.5" 19x13 650 1600x1200
6x6" 15x15 700 1200x1200
6x8" 20x15 750 1600x1200
6x9" 23x15 700 1800x1200
8x10" 25x20 999 2000x1600
8x12" 30x20 1099 2400x1600
10x10" 25x25 1099 2000x2000
10x13.3" 34x25 1299 2700x2000
10x15" 38x25 1330 3000x2000
5x12" (Panoramic) 30x13 1099 2400x1000
Wallet (set of 4) 7x5 249 600x400
Passport (set of 6) 5x4 200 400x300
4x15" (Panoramic) 38x10 1199 3000x800
A2 Photo Print 60x42 1600 2592x1944
A1 Photo Print 84x60 1800 3264x2448
12" x 40" Photo Print 102x30 1600 6000x1800
12" x 18" Canvas 46x30 950 2048x1532
18" x 24" Canvas 61x46 1190 2592x1944
18" x 18" Canvas 46x46 1190 2000x2000
8" x 12" Canvas 30x20 850 1600x1200
A3 Photo Print 30x42 1400 2400x1800
Wall Calendar (13 Page) 30x21 799 1600x1200
8x10" Laminated Photo 25x20 999 2000x1600
8x12" Laminated Photo 30x20 1099 2400x1600
10x12" Laminated Photo 30x25 1299 2400x2000
10x15" Laminated Photo 38x25 1330 3000x2000
Remove Red Eye (Up to 100 images) 0
24" Square Photo Print 60x60 2400 3600x3600
Photo Mug (Full Wrap) 9x8 399 1600x600
Photo Mug (Large) 12x8 599 1280x960
6 x 8" Ceramic Tile 20x15 590 1600x1200
6" Tile & Frame Black 18x18 590 1200x1200
6" Tile & Frame Alderwood 18x18 590 1200x1200
6" Tile & Display Back 15x15 590 1200x1200
6" Tile & Metal Key Holder 22x22x1 590 1200x1200
Wire Stand (for 4" tiles) 15x15x9 0
6" Tile & Frame Rosewood 18x18 590 1200x1200
6" Tile Box Rosewood 17x17x5 590 1200x1200
4" Tile & Display Back 15x15 450 1200x1200
2" Tile Magnet 5x5x1 390 400x400
2" Tile & Frame Black 7x7x2 390 400x400
6 x 8" Tile & Frame Black 20x15 599 1600x1200
12" x 12" Canvas 30x30 1199 2400x2400
Wooden Jigsaw Birthday 25x17 1199 2000x1500
Wooden Jigsaw Christmas 25x17 1199 2000x1500
Wooden Jigsaw Heart 25x17 999 2000x1500
Wooden Jigsaw Animal Maxi 36x25 1599 2800x2000
Cardboard Jigsaw A5 21x15 600 1600x1200
Calendar A3 45x32 999 2400x1600
Fabric Photo Square 21x21 100 1240x1240
Photo Charms - Guardian Angel 8x8 100 200x200
Photo Charms - Make Me Beautiful 8x8 100 200x200
Photo Charms - Faith/Hope/Love 8x8 100 200x200
Photo Charms - Cats Rule 8x8 100 200x200
Red Photo Band 8x8 100 200x200
Aqua Photo Band 8x8 100 200x200
Phone Charm - Springtime 1x1 60 100x100
Phone Charm - Classic Black 1x1 60 100x100
Phone Charm - Blue Sparkle 1x1 60 100x100
Charm Bracelet 1x1 60 100x100
Dog Keyring 1x1 60 100x100
Cat Keyring 1x1 60 100x100
Phone Charm - Faith/Hope/Love 1x1 60 100x100
Flower Keyring 1x1 60 100x100
Butterfly Keyring 1x1 60 100x100
Cross Keyring 1x1 60 100x100
Book Mark 1x1 60 100x100
Stubby Cooler 13x9 440 1600x800
4" Ceramic Coaster 11x11 390 800x800
4x4" Ceramic Coasters (with Stand) 11x11 390 800x800
6" Ceramic Tile 15x15 590 1200x1200
Kauri Tile Stand (for 4" tiles) 15x11 0
OUT OF STOCK Handbag 30x20x9 900 1600x1200
Shoulder Bag (Small) 22x18x6 900 1600x1200
$100 FrogPrints Gift Voucher 0
$25 FrogPrints Gift Voucher 0
$50 FrogPrints Gift Voucher 0
Cardboard Jigsaw A3 27x38 1000 2000x1500
Photo Mug 9x8 399 800x600
Mousemat 20x28 900 1600x1200
Cardboard Jigsaw A4 19x27 900 1600x1200
Colour Change Mug 10x8 399 800x600
ID Photo (set of 6) 5x4 200 400x300
Save to Archival CD (for photo prints only) 0
Miscellaneous Charge 0

How long will my photos last?
All our photos are produced on the latest Fujifilm Frontier 370 digital lab using a true photographic process. This work by exposing red, green and blue laser light onto professional photographic paper at 300 DPI (dots per inch). The fade resistance of our prints is rated at 150 years. Compare this to Inkjet printing at 2 years and Thermal at 10 years. Find out more about the technology behind the Fuji Frontier
We provide prints that won't let your memories fade.

Help with brightness and calibration
An image that looks bright and clear on the screen should produce a superb print. An image that is dark or dull on the screen may produce a disappointing print. However, most digital cameras produce excellent quality images that will never need any form of adjustment.
Click here to see our calibration image. You may use this to calibrate your monitor for best printing results.

Please be assured that we print from the original JPEG files that you upload to us. We don't compress or reduce your files in order to save storage space as some other companies do.



No Crop

Cropping Advice
You should select a print size that matches the aspect ratio of your original image. Our default print size is 6"x4.5" which matches the shape of most digital camera images. If the print shape and image shape are different then some cropping will occur.
By checking the "no crop" box on Step 2 of the order process you can choose to fit the image into the selected paper size. This will shrink the image and surround it by white space. Choosing the no crop option means none of your image will be cropped.

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