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Frequently Asked Questions
How do I place an order for photos?
How do I get a really good quality photo?
How do I make copies of photographs?
How do I make sure my photos look just like they do on screen?
Why are some of my images cropped?
What method do you use to print the photos?
Can I order prints to a different address?
How long will it take to get my prints?
Is it safe to enter my credit card details?
Can I pay by cheque or bank transfer for prints?
When will my credit card be charged?
Can I check the status of a recent order?
What JPEG compression ratios do you advise?
Can I order prints on matt paper or with white borders?
What do you do with my images once you've printed them?

How do I place an order for photos?
  1. Sort out your photos - make sure you have all the images you want to print in one place on your computer so they are easy to find
  2. read our terms of Service - If this is your first time please take the time to read our terms of service, this is not just legalese, but practical advice to ensure that your first order is exactly what you expect.
  3. Upload them - Click on the big purple go button on the homepage to start the order process. Choose between the basic html upload where each image is elected one at a time and sent in batches of 10, or the BULK upload which require a small applet to be installed on your machine - you choose!
  4. Pay Online - The fastest way to get your order is to pay with a credit card, but we also now accept payment by cheque and bank transfer, however this may delay your order.
    Note: You can also send your photos in on CD. Click here to print out the postal order form.
How do I get a really good quality photo?
Photo quality is not totally about how many "Megapixels" your camera is. The quality of your camera, the amount of natural light, and the size/quality setting on your camera are all important. We can get really great 6"x 4" photos from 750,000 pixel images (i.e. 1024x768 at 24 bit colour). These images are typically about 150k to 200k in size. We do also regularly print photos at 640x480 resolution, but at this size it is obvious that the image is from a digital camera, and the quality will depend on the amount of light and the subject matter. Check out our quick photo quality reference guide.

You will need access to a flatbed scanner. A lot of home computer systems now come with scanners as part of the package. If you don't have one yourself, it is very likely that one of your friends will. See our help on scanning for how to get a good digital version of your photograph, and then send us an order as normal.

If you have received photos back from frogprints, and they are different from how they look on your computer monitor, this could be for a number of reasons.
Problem Fix
My photos are pixelated or of very low quality Increase the image size setting on you camera. To get a really good photo you need an image that more than fills your screen. Another reason this can happen is if you use digital zoom, it has the effect of reducing the quality of your image.
My photos are really dull and dark, but appear bright on screen. Most images will look brighter on screen, but you should try to tune your monitor so that what you see is what you get. Request a copy of our calibration print and follow the details here
An image that looks bright and clear on the screen will produce a superb print. An image that is dark or dull on the screen may produce a disappointing print. However, most digital cameras produce excellent quality images that will never need any form of adjustment. Please note if your image has an EXIF header (i.e. straight from the camera) we may make some small adjustments to improve the quality. If you have edited the images yourself, then we print them as we receive them .

You should select a print size that matches the aspect ratio of your original image. 35mm cameras take photos at an aspect ratio of 3:2, hence ideally suit a 6x4" print. Digital cameras take photos at a 4:3 ratio, and hence are ideally suited to a print size of 5.33x4". If you print them at 6x4" the image will be cropped by a 1/4" at the top and the bottom to fit the print size. In most cases this is not important, but if your subject is full frame (i.e. takes up most of the photo), then keys parts could be lost during this process (i.e. the top of someone's head). Read more about cropping.

If you wish, we can print all of your orders "Fit-in", which means that the whole image is retained and white strips appear at top/bottom or left/right to fill the unused space. If you require this service or would like some more information on cropping then please contact us.

All our orders are printed on a FujiFilm Frontier digital minilab. This works by exposing red, green and blue laser light onto professional photographic paper at 300 DPI (dots per inch). The life expectancy of the prints if stored correctly is over 70 years. Read more about Fuji Frontier technology

Yes, but it is not possible yet to order multiple sets of prints to different addresses.

If your order is received by 12:00pm Monday to Friday in most cases we will despatch your photos that day (other products may take longer and may be shipped separately). All photos are sent by Standard Post (unless you choose otherwise). For most addresses, the photos will be received within 3 days. For rural addresses it may take up to 7 days to receive your prints. If your prints have not arrived within 10 working days, please contact us and we will reprint the order.

Yes, we offer the most advanced secure internet payment solution currently available. Your card details are entered through a secure server and are not stored anywhere, and are only used during the course of the validation process. Please read our Security Statement for more details.

By cheque: Choose the "Pay by cheque" option and post a cheque made out to FrogPrints to PO Box 18345, Glen Innes, Auckland. Please note we will not process your order until we receive your cheque so this will delay your order. Please write you order number on the back of your cheque.
By bank transfer: Choose the "Direct Banking" option and immediately transfer money to the FrogPrints account 12-3055-0219628-51. Please note we will not process your order until we receive funds in our account so this will delay your order. Please include your order number as a transaction reference.

You card is charged automatically when you place the order. We will refund the value of the transaction to your card in the unlikely event of any problem with the order or the despatch process.

Please phone us on 1-800 1900 52 if you have any queries on the status of your order.

We can produce very high quality prints with a compression ratio of 15. However, the lower the compression ratio, the better the print quality. We would normally recommend a ratio of 7 to 15. Read more about compression and file size.

Yes! By default prints are on Gloss paper and have no borders. To order Matt paper or white borders, please select the appropriate boxes in the summary screen of step 2 of the order process. There is no extra charge for either of these options. If you wish to do part orders of paper type or border type, please make two separate orders or put the details in the special instructions field (Note: this may delay your order)

After you upload your images for ordering, we keep them on a secure server for one month, so that we can deal with any quality or re-order issues. After this time the images are deleted and only your order history is retained. For more information on what we do with the information we collect read our Privacy Policy

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